Friday, June 3, 2011

Pump it Out with Cups of Glory

Last week I managed to make it to Bodypump 3 times, and was very proud of the effort. However, it messed up my routine because I went Sunday so couldn't go Monday. This week I went Wednesday and snoozed through Friday, so today I had the pleasure of dragging a sleepy Aussie out of bed to pump it out. I was definitely glad I made it, but a girl did seem to forget a little something called personal space. Seriously, I felt like I was squating right into her lap.

Pre-pump I whipped up a mud smoothie. Anytime raspberries and greens make smoothie love the result is one ugly but tasty baby. This one has rainbow chard from the Victoria Market, spinach, raspberries, and orange juice.

Post-pump the Aussie took blender duty. He made a healthy pb milkshake

It tastes like heaven :) So in love. Too bad bananas are a treat over here. Today we're heading to the in-laws, which is about 90 mins away. I'll be driving on the highway for the first time over here . . . ahhhh (that's what the Aussie is going to be screaming as I cruise down the road).

See ya tomorrow,


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