Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will Walk for Bagels

I walked into a bakery not long ago and asked if they had any bagels. The lady looked dumbfounded and said "baaaaaaagels" as if slowly saying it would help her understand, and then swiftly replied no. It was then that I would realize bagels were hard to come by.

Granted I haven't spend a ton of time checking everywhere for them, but I have kept my eyes peeled. Enter Glick's. It's a Jewish bakery about 2.5ks from my house, and I heard through the grapevine that they made incredible bagels. Very interesting.

I begged the Aussie to take me before we went camping a few weekends ago, but, much to our horror, they were closed on Saturday. Seriously? Surely Saturday is a huge bagel selling day, so I can only imagine it was closed for religious reasons. Well, this Sunday I finally had a chance to taste one of the glorious bagels, and, indeed, it was earth-shattering (I hadn't had a bagel in many months).

Today I wanted, no needed, a bagel. I walked 5ks for it :) It was worth every step. Especially because I now have a few in my freezer . . . muahahaha

In other news, I may actually not be an oatmeal lover, even with apple muffin topping :(

Today my bowl went from this . . .

To this . . .

Hmm. . . I may have to ease my way into oat loving.

Other eats included leftover soup.

And two undocumented bagel sandwiches ;)

Does anyone keep a journal? I've started to track what I need to do daily, what I eat, and what sweating I did. I think it's a good way to make sure you stay on track with your goals :)

Mine is pretty . . .

As for the sweating today, I slept in so it was a late session of bodypump, but geez did it tucker me out. I think I still felt weak from Sunday (whaaaaaaaat!) I pushed through though and felt better for it. I love seeing all the in shape people, it helps motivate me.

Off to do the dishes,


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