Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Good Day

The day started with a trip to Victoria's Market. A huge market with tons of fresh veggies. I scored some good loot :)

Then I decided to use this recipe to make some healthy breakfast bars with some added Sunwarrior protein :)

No flour, all-goodness. Hopefully the Aussie loves them.

After the breakfast bar baking, I got the phone call I had been waiting for . . . a call for a J-O-B :) I start bright and early tomorrow!

This called for a celebration . . . woot, woot. The Aussie and I opted to test another veg-friendly burger, Grilled, place to compare it to our beloved Lord of the Fries. Grilled lost.

I made a mushroom burger, and it was tasty but didn't compare to the Lord of the Fries. Plus it was much more expensive. Lose-Lose. But you live and learn ;) Lord of the Fries, sorry I ever cheated on you!

Better get to bed so I can pump it out in the am (my muscles will be crying, definitely crying)



  1. I love markets with fresh foods! Your homemade bars look great :)

  2. sadly, the Aussie said the bars looked better than they tasted :(