Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mixer Makes Me Happy

Sorry for being MIA this past week. It's hard to fit in work, gym, and blogging. Plus, most weeknights are pretty boring so not too much to write about.

This week I did find an awesome place near work to get my Greek fix (falafal wrap, I love you!)

I *may* have gone here twice this past week. Shame on me! Especially because I had leftovers to eat. I also got caught snapping pictures :(

I tried to snap some pictures of the food place from the alley before I entered. He turned after the flash :(

The guy definitely asked if I was snapping pictures of him. I did an ackward laugh.

The weekend has been going well. We woke-up for a 9am Bodypump session that left my arms feeling like noodles and my chest in pain :) The Aussie prepared the amazing peanut butter protein milkshake for us.

The Aussie has lots of work to do, so he did some.

I *may* have had a shower and nap. OH HOW GLORIOUS! No pictures, but imagine a fluffy pillow and lots of blankets :)

After the nap the Aussie broke-in the new mixer to make chocolate chip cookies

Peeeeerfect, pretty bottoms . . .

Off to veg,


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