Monday, March 4, 2013

Beachy Weekend

Another lazy weekend at the beach was exactly what I needed. The weather wasn't ideal - a bit windy and not sun-soaking hot - but walking along the beach was still wonderful.

Hopefully I can bring a smile to your face today by showing you the Aussie's first ever attempt at skim boarding (Thanks, Aussie for being a good sport and letting me post this. You definitely got much better as the day went on - although you couldn't have gotten worse).

 Torquay has some good shopping and I managed to score some good finds at the Rip Curl outlet.

A hoodie (yes, I call it a hoodie even if it is hoodless) and a dress. The dress was originally $70 on sale for $10!

I started my week off with a new-to-me recipe for no bake chewy chocolate peanut butter granola bar. Based on the fact that the Aussie inhaled three of them in record time, I'd say the recipe is a repeater.

I also made mango salsa - mango, black beans, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, green pepper and lime juice.

And a berry smoothie with greens this time.

Our dinner was certainly eclectic with smoothies and mango salsa, but it was still darn tasty.

The Workout

I walked 4ks and went to bodypump. After a week off I think I'm going to be in p-a-i-n tomorrow.

Off to read,



  1. I love Torquay, it's such a lovely little town. Nice deals on the clothes!

  2. Torquay is definitely great. I've been really impressed with Australian beaches.