Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Mini-Vacation

It was a whirlwind of a little family vacation to the Great Otway National Park near Lavers Hill. We stayed at the Johanna River Farm and Cottages, which has 4 cottages and is located on a 280 acre farm. We stayed in the Blackwood and Teatree cottages - each had two bedrooms.

The first night was a mad race to get out of Melbourne (along with every other person in the city), and we didn't arrive until 11pm. There was also an invasion of crickets in the cottage, which freaked me out (umm, a lot). Luckily I barricaded our room and the crickets were few and far between on the second and third nights.

Saturday morning we did a walk on the farm down to the river (which in the summer it becomes more of a creek).

Then we went to the beach, which was 4ks away. The water was incredibly wild and I loved hearing it roar and seeing the waves.


The picture does not do it justice.

A highlight of the mini-vacation was that the pups could come.

I could look at those mugs all day. And I did.

 I *may* have stared a bit too long.

On Sunday we went on a treetop walk through the forest. 

We also hiked 5ks to a waterfall, which included steep inclines on the way in and out (my calves are killing me today).

When we got home we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and lots of card games. 

It was a lovely way to spend a weekend.

Off to bed,


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