Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Melting in the kitchen

Today was the highest day in March in Victoria in over 50 years, and I decided to do some baking. I definitely didn't think this plan through. The title says it all.

At the market the other day I bought a cucumber and tomatoes, so I decided to make a panzanella salad. I had some basil on its last leg (I can kill a plant faster than anyone I know).

I figured I could make a nice basil mix for the croutons - basil, oil, garlic. I thought I could use my vitamix to blend the mixture; I could not. I was able to use my onion chopper though (by the way, you need an onion chopper).

The croutons turned out really tasty (as in a few didn't make into the salad).

I moved on to my next baking adventure - biscuits. I served the biscuits with roasted veggies and the Hubs was a happy man.

Now I have to drag my bum to the laundry mat to dry my sheets after a fight with my washer and not enough time before bed for the sheets to air dry. Wish me luck.

Off to dry,


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