Thursday, March 14, 2013

Purple Carrots

Yesterday was an exciting day in house buying - we paid our deposit (it's starting to feel real). I also went to the Prahran market in search of some organic produce. I found lovely spinach and also a new-to-me veggie - purple carrots.

Purple carrots taste exactly like their orange cousins, but offer a different nutrient profile. It's important to eat a variety of colours, and purple pigments can improve vision, protect against heart attacks and help with memory functions.

We put ours into a juice.

The dinner plan said Mexican bowls, but I decided to change things up a bit by making potato nachos (which used mostly the same ingredients). The Aussie and I were pretty happy with the results. Slice the potato extra thin and toss with olive oil. Then bake on top of a cooling rack and top with whatever toppings you desire.

The Workout

I walked 5ks and went to body pump

Off to be productive,



  1. I like purple carrots, too- they feel so exotic! We generally roast ours with a little honey and blasamic.

  2. Erin - roasting them sounds yummy and they would be such a pretty side dish.