Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 2 Meals

I really enjoyed having a meal plan last week, although Friday ended up being takeout instead of the cauliflower wings (darn you Thai - you get me every single time!).

Let's see what we can wrangle up for this week.

Monday - Pizza and Juice
Tuesday - Summer pasta and juice
Wednesday - TLT and smoothie
Thursday - BBQ with veggie dogs, corn and tomato
Friday - Fridge scavenging / Take-out

This week should be entitled "I don't feel like cooking" (okay, I'm really just being lazy, but we're all entitled to be lazy sometimes). But meal plans, at least for me right now, are more about organising and budgeting than an amazing meal.

Today I went to the market to get some organic produce and decided to try another variety of carrot.

The golden carrot.

Obviously, I had to use these beauties in a fresh juice. I opted for a non-traditional juice (at least for us) and it included - golden carrots, oranges, spinach, lime, and sweet potato.

It was a delicious juice with a mild flavour.

We followed the juice with a healthy portion of summer pasta (this time I added crushed red pepper - yum!).

Now I need to come up with other uses for the basil bunch I have left (suggestions welcomed).

The Workout 

I walked 5ks and went to body pump.

Off to watch tv,


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