Friday, March 1, 2013

Berry Goodness

I think smoothies are a great way to have a quick and healthy breakfast, which is exactly why I had one the other day. This smoothie recipe won't be reinventing the wheel, but instead I hope it reinforces the notion that smoothies can also be enjoyed without the protein powder and handfuls of greens. This is a basic but delicious berry smoothie.

The Aussie enjoyed some and thought it tasted like it had yogurt in it, which I don't know if he thought was a good thing or a bad thing (but he seemed to enjoy it). I found the smoothie to be thick (the way I like it) and refreshing. It was my first time trying oat milk and I was definitely sold. It's basically a summer version of berries and oatmeal.

The house is mess, the bags aren't packed, and dinner isn't made - umm, I haven't been too productive today. I better go do a bit Cinderella-ing before the Aussie gets home!

The Workout
Didn't happen - but I'm hoping for a walk on the beach tonight. 

Off to be productive,


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