Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunny face lift

We're heading to the in-laws for the long Easter weekend tomorrow, so today involved creating (and then subsequently destroying) bunny cookies and flourless peanut butter kiss cookies. And of course since we won't be here for Easter, the Easter bunny dropped off our basket a bit early.

That sugar overload will be shared with the fam.

The best bunny/cat cookie looked like this:

Icing artistry work completed by the Hubs.

Unfortunately, the bunnies underwent substantial plastic surgery (literally when I tried to put the saran wrap over them). The bunnies are hopeful that the Hubs will offer free reconstructive surgery.  

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely long weekend and has as much fun as I plan to have with my favourite pugaliers - Molly and Charlie.

The Workout

I went to body pump and walked 6ks.

Off to read,


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