Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today we decided to do a bit of early (okay, very early and premature) celebrating, because we found a house that we plan to make an offer on tomorrow. I really need very little reason to celebrate.

I decided to take the Aussie to Cinnamons for his first Sri Lankan experience. Sri Lankan food is filled with flavour and can be very spicy.

I enjoyed the traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry meal, which included 4 vegetable curries served with rice, coconut sambol, pineapple chutney and pappadam. However, now that I think about it, I didn't get any pineapple chutney or coconut sambol - the jerks! I did enjoy the double cooked eggplant, spicy potato and lentil curry. I asked for a double serve of eggplant as my 4th curry, but apparently I didn't get that either.

We were told that my serve of rice would only feed one, so the Aussie ordered rice with his pumpkin curry. Do you see the huge bowl of rice in the above picture? I think it would feed a small army. And we certainly did not need to order an extra rice.

That was my left over rice. Granted, we did have roti too, but there would be no way I could eat even half of that rice. Some of the rotis have eggs baked into them, which I thought was interesting (we went with plain).

The Aussie wasn't a huge fan of Sri Lankan, but he appreciated the experience. I really like trying different ethnic food - some are hits and others are not. Sri Lankan is tasty but not something I would regularly seek out (definitely not a fan favourite like Thai).

The Workout
I walked 7ks. My thighs definitely yelled at me today after yesterday, but I kinda liked it.

Off to shower,



  1. That food sounds amazing! I've never tried Sri Lankan but I may need to see if Adelaide has any...

  2. Erin, it's definitely worth trying.