Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ugly Juice

Today I accomplished nothing, literally nothing. Some days you just have to accept that you aren't going to have a fabulous day. Tomorrow will be another day where it can be sunshine and rainbows (or at least some productivity and dish washing).

I also inhaled a very ugly juice (the side effect of being beet-less).

The juice had carrots (a ton), 3 oranges, and a handful of spinach.

In more positive news, we made an offer on the house, so now we just have to see if it goes through (fingers crossed). Buying a house is a pretty stressful event. Our mortgage repayments will only be $200 more than we pay now for rent and tolls for the Aussie to get to work (no tolls from the potential new house), but there is something about owing so much money. However, it will be nice to have something of our own with more space (3 bedrooms instead of 1). Cross your fingers for me!

The Workout

Uh, I had a nap instead. I told you I accomplished nothing.

Off to read,


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