Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dessert Queen

My sweet tooth has turned into a monster. I've had dessert for the past 3 nights. I'm definitely not a dessert-every-day girl, though my mom did give us dessert often growing up. I'm not complaining though ;) and neither is the Aussie.

What is better than a Sticky Fingers brownie? A Sticky Fingers brownie with ICING! Amazingly delish, but definitely something you have to share or else you'll have a sugar tummy ache.

Sticky Fingers raw dough makes a mean cookie. No cookie is complete without a cuppa tea <3 LOVE

This unemployed gal made my first phyllo creation. The recipe said use uncooked apples, but I opted to cook the apples on the stove with sugar and cinnamon. I definitely think you need to cook the apples first.

The Aussie & I have to be dessert-free for a bit or else you'll have to roll us down the aisle for the wedding. Speaking of the wedding, we received the invitations today. It makes it feel so much more real.

Off to work on the wedding website,


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