Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Say NO to Fur

Yesterday was a 14 hour day filled with protesting with PETA, traffic, and delish food. I went up to New Jersey to see my best friend and to go with her to a PETA anti-fur protest. The fur industry is truly shocking--there are plenty of videos of what the fur industry is doing, and I think everyone should watch one to decide if it's something they can support. I helped paint bodies, because a few girls (the bestie included) went naked.

Here's a picture of us before we headed out. I was wearing a cute t-shirt that said "i am not a nugget" with a picture of an adorable baby chick.

Now to the food. When I arrived in New Jersey we went to an adorable little place that had falafel salads. It's pickled beets on top.

Dessert was sour apple water ice. It was tasty, but too sweet. I only got through the top portion.

It was definitely a dessert fest courtesy of One Lucky Duck. In case you don't know, One Lucky Duck is an all raw, vegan, organic place in NYC.

Raw almond buttercup icecream . . .

I thought it was going to be made-to-order but instead they grabbed it from the back. It was tasty, but not worth the 8 dollar price tag.

This is the caramel choc bar. It had a good texture, but wasn't sweet enough for me. The caramel flavor/texture didn't come through.

The star of the day was definitely the mallomar bar. The creamy fluff on top was incredible. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this fantastic treat.

One bite down! Look at that center :)

The raw choc chip cookies are good. I love the texture, though they do taste nuttier than the original version.

Tomorrow is the rest of the NYC festing :) And the most incredible raw thing I have ever eaten.

Till then,


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