Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sugar Coma aka Vegfest

The Aussie and I drove into the city yesterday for Vegfest. My best friend was down from NJ for the festival, so we got to hang out and EAT! There were tons of vendors, though I did find the walking areas to be rather congested. I wish they had chosen a bigger location (it was on George Washington University's campus).

I know I said I was avoiding white sugar and I am, but how can a girl resist when this vegan table of masterpieces is in front of her . . .

IMPOSSIBLE to resist. The Aussie and I couldn't decide, so we went with 4, yes 4, options--the peanut butter cheesecake (top left), the peanut butter bomb (bottom left), the oreo cake, and the caramel cheesecake.

I let the Aussie attack the oreo and caramel ones, while I face-planted into peanut butter love. These were made by a bakery in PA called Vegan Treats. They were almost too lovely to eat ;) Almost.

Knowing dessert would be intense, we opted for a raw lunch. We shared a raw pad thai and wild rice dish washed down with coconut water.

I also saw a rice krispy treat on a stick, which had to be purchased.

I definitely recommend finding out if your community does a vegfest, because it's a great chance to taste new things (I tried a new coconut water, vegan cheese sauce, pasta, and lots more).

Off to beg the Aussie to take me to the outlets,


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