Friday, September 24, 2010

My Eats

I finally jumped on the bandwagon--the vegan overnight oats bandwagon that is. I first saw these on Basically you let the rolled oats chill all night in a dairy-free milk & protein powder bath. My oats had a bath of rice milk, sunwarrior vanilla protein, chia seeds, and agave. In the morning I added a bit of pure maple syrup & unsweetened coconut flakes.

The masterpiece . . .

The upclose action . . .

Most of the oats ended up in the Aussie's belly, but I did enjoy some of it ;)

For lunch I made a noodle-less, cheese-less lasagna. I wonder if you can still call it a lasagna when the only lasagna-e part was the method of assembly. Haha. I say you can ;)

Noodles? Nah, eggplant instead

Cheese? Sure, but it's made out of mashed cauliflower & nutritional yeast

Some added nutrition in the form of spinach? Of course!

The final product was delish

The only thing that could top lunch was a trip into Annapolis to share a vegan cupcake & Moe's burrito

In an attempt to have full disclosure, the cupcake was devoured first and the Aussie hogged more of it :(

Off to read Never Let Me Go,


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