Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Pretty to Ugly

Sometimes you need a bit of ugly in your life, especially when ugly comes from heaps of spinach. The Aussie made an amazing smoothie today--pineapple, oj, strawberries, banana, xantham gum, ice, water, and SPINACH.

It went from this color . . .

To this color . . .

Pineapple makes a smoothie taste so wonderful. My one problem was that the pineapple was in one big chunk. Seriously Wholefoods you can charge 5 dollars for pineapple but not slice it?

In addition to the smoothie the Aussie and I have a lovely salad-type creation--red pepper, yellow pepper, yellow tomato, avocado, brown rice, quinoa, pinto beans, and lime juice. It was delish.

Dessert was inspired by Julie (

That's a finger of dark choc dreams dipped into choc chips, and it was glorious.

Off to do wedding stuff (or watch trashy TV),


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