Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sick & Dying

I don't get sick often (as in perhaps once every other year), but when I do I am a huge baby. At the moment I have a stuffy nose & achy body, and you would think I was on my death bed. Speaking of bed, I have been in it allllll day. I was hoping to feel a bit better so I could put in a little face time at the gym, but it isn't looking good. The Aussie & I are supposed to go ring shopping tonight, but that isn't looking good either. I'm hungry, but can't taste anything. I want to move, but feel like pooh-on-a-stick. But fear not, there is a silverlining. Enter Susan Nichole. She makes adorable, stylish, affordable VEGAN handbags. She was doing a buy-one-get-one-free special, so I scooped up two bags for under $ 100.

The bags even came with a handbag holder, so the precious bag never has to touch the ground :) They look amazing.

Back to the bed I go,


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