Friday, May 20, 2011


Hmm . . . I realized last night that age may have caught up with me when I looked at the clock . . .

Can you say party animal? Or would that be considered party pooper? Either way the evening out with the Aussie ended up with us home before ten. To be fair we did leave at 6:30ish and we had been up since 5:30am, but still. I remember when nights out didn't start until 11 or 12!

We went to . . .

It's on Chapel Street, so we walked.

I tried a new beer (passionfruit is a favorite of mine), which went down rather nicely . . .

I had a lovely view too . . .

After multiple drinks and good conversations we headed home.

Sadly, along the walk home I lost my earring. One large silver hoop is not a look I want to sport.

When we got home the Aussie attacked his anniversary treat.

I *may* have save him some dough, which resulted in this classic shot :)

We're off to Queenscliff for a camping adventure, and it will be an adventure since we left some of our stuff up at the in-laws.


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