Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovely Day

Although I had to drag myself out the door at 1pm, I'm so glad I did. It was a morning fail for gyming, and snoozing won yet again. This meant that I had to motivate myself to get to the gym in the later hours. It's a 5k round trip walk to the gym, but when the scenes look like this . . .

I did not mind at all. At the gym I tackled something new--the bike! I really want to get into spinning (tried it twice several years ago and hated it but I'm hoping 3 times a charm), but I want to start slow. Today I did just that with a nice 5k ride on the bike. I followed it with 10mins on the funky machine with the treadles (it feels like you're walking in sand). Since I knew I had to get a bit of a run in, I headed to the treadmill. I did 2ks in 1k increments, with walking in between. It was a tough run, and I have to remember this is just my first few steps on the journey to being a runner. I have to start small :)

After the gym I was craving something I have been craving for a the past 2 months. I have tried to buy one before but opted to forgo due to price. Today was the day. This is something most people, especially Americans, take for granted. In America they're so inexpensive it's ridiculous. Here in Australia they cost you more than sushi roll.

Here's the beauty . . .

He cost be 3 dollars. Shockingly expensive, yes. Darn tasty in a bowl of cereal, yes.

Will I be buying one anytime soon, NO! My wallet cannot afford those prices. But it was certainly enjoyed today.

As for the brekky bomb. The Aussie said it was okay, but it needs some work.

It looks tasty, so now I just need to get it to taste amazing :)

Movie time on this end,


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