Monday, May 30, 2011

Apple-Cinnamon Glory

I needed to have a grab-and-go breakfast option for the Aussie to eat on the way to work. Enter Angela's Vegan Caramel Apple Muffins

I decided to make a few changes--coconut oil (instead of vegetable oil), added wheat germ (for a health kick), added chia seeds (for omegas), added walnuts to the batter (for yum factor). These muffins use brown sugar and some butter, but they rank way better than traditional muffins you'd buy at the store.

I *may* have over-filled the muffin tray, but that just makes for bigger-better muffins, right?

It also *may* have resulted in an ugly-deliciousness :)

But once the beauties were out of the pan they looked lovely.

Tonight was a repeat of the burrito bowl, because I tend to go crazy when I
find something I like (plus we had leftover quinoa salad that needed to be eaten, which we used instead of rice). I paired it with roasted pumpkin, because we're obsessed.

This morning I was sore from a Sunday evening bodypump session with the sister-in-law, so I opted for the snooze instead of the early morning workout. Which meant I had to drag myself there later.

At least I had nice views. I like Fall.

I also scored some awesome deals at the veggie market--2 dollars a bag!

Too bad I had to lug all the loot back from the gym :( I rocked the gym session. I ran 4k and walked 2k (plus the 5k round trip walk to the gym). I'm slowly building up the distance :)

Off to watch No Ordinary Family,



  1. Those muffins actually look super delicious!

  2. They are great . . . especially crumbled over oatmeal :)