Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Iron Fail

Well I attempted the wifely duty . . . but didn't get far. I ironed 1 out of 3 shirts and the Aussie re-ironed it when he got home :( Along with the other 2

Good thing this wife is an excellent back rubber :)

I did make us a delish dinner . . . okay, okay I'm not going to win any Top Chef contests with dinner, but it was tasty.

Key to amazing sandwich--fresh bread. I literally picked this bread up as it got out of the oven.

It's slim-pickens for breakfast tomorrow, and I know we're heading to the gym in the am. I didn't want the Aussie to have a growling tummy all morning, but I also didn't want to dirty the kitchen. Enter the breakfast bomb :)

After the Aussie eats it tomorrow, I'll share the recipe (if it's recipe-worthy).

In non-food news, I just finished a good book--The Help. I have always had a love affair with books. I love the smell of bookstores & libraries and devouring books is one of my favorite pasttimes. The Help told the story of several ladies living in the South during the 60s, focusing on the experience of black maids serving white ladies. I found it well written, interesting, and a quick read. So much has changed since those times, I can't help but wonder how much more change will come in another 50ish years. I can only hope it will include some rights for animals.

Any amazing books that you've ready lately? Or easy-peasy one-man meals?


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