Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burmese Rocks My World

I've only had it twice, but it was love at first bite. Burmese, which is a combination of Thai and Indian flavors, is just plain tasty.

As I said I was craving, yearning, dreaming of the fermented tea leaf salad. After scouring the menu, I realized the Burmese House had no salad. But have no fear, the Aussie saved the meal. He asked if they could make it, and they actually said yes! Woot, woot.

Here's the beauty that is the fermented tea leaf salad (super crunchy!)

I went with the sour veggie curry, which I had never had (nor heard of), but it was lackluster. Perhaps I should have requested hot instead of medium.

The Aussie had the pumpkin curry, and probably should have requested
wuss-spice ;) He was almost in tears. Poor guy. The meals were served with coconut rice (I need, NEED, NEEEEEED to recreate coconut rice with brown rice and my mean-little-rice-cooker). We debated whether the coconut rice had bits of coconut in it or onion. I said coconut (of course) and the Aussie swears it was onion, his arch-nemesis.

The highlight of the meal was definitely the roti. This was much different than roti from an Indian place. It was thicker and chewier. The Aussie would like to add "almost crepe-like." He had crepes for the first time this past weekend (obsessed much . . . hehe).

All in all it was another great meal. Speaking of which, stay turned for a fabulous recipe for salsa so good an onion-hater will love it ;)

Also, I'd love to hear whether you thought it was onion or coconut in the rice :)

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