Friday, May 27, 2011

Banana Soft Serve

Last night I had a fabulous dessert. We used the last of the cheapish bananas we had tracked down (4.99 kg instead of 12 kg). I quickly put the Aussie to work to "supervise" the mixing.

I was so impressed with how quickly it turned fluffy and delicious. Who would have thought a frozen banana could be so wonderful. I didn't invent the treat, but I certainly do enjoy it.

Look how beautiful it turned out . . .

I was even sweet and shared some with the Aussie ;) Perhaps a bit begrudgingly, but shared none-the-less.

Tonight the Aussie is celebrating his brother's bday, and I'm left alone :( So it was movie/take-out kinda night.

I opted for The Romantics (so terrible!) and dinner from VegOut--chili tofu and curry tofu. Yum to the dinner and yuck to the movie. I really hate picking bad movies, and, sadly, I do it often.

Also I wanted to show a picture that I believe highlights my photography skills (try not to be too jealous)

The amount of blurry pictures I have on my computer is pitiful.

Ugh, now it's time to clean-up the monster-mess that is my kitchen from breakfast and lunch damage.



  1. That banana soft serve looks really tasty!

  2. so good you would think it was sinful ;)