Saturday, May 14, 2011

the Pretty & the Ugly

Hello, hello :)

The rain is never ending this weekend, which has made me lazy. Instead of heading to Body Pump this morning I pulled the covers up higher & snoozed a bit longer. Then I had the joy of getting the car tinted. I, personally, could care less if the car has a "tint" but someone, who shall remain nameless *the Aussie*, cares deeply. I finally caved and we went to get the tint. While the tinting was being done we got to ride around in a bright yellow taxi wannabe vehicle. I should have taken a picture. I have to get back into the picture taking mentality. It was nice to have the courtesy car to entertain us while ours was in the shop, even though we didn't get up to much.

As for the title of this blog . . .

The Pretty

This beauty had frozen watermelon and frozen raspberries (along with H2O and frozen H2O). It's so simple, so pretty, and so tasty! I perfect combo. I devoured this for a snack the other day. Very satisfying.

The Ugly

You may not believe this, but this Uglybeast tasted just like apple juice. This was inhaled for breakfast. The Aussie shoved rainbow chard, romaine, 2 small apples, ice and water into the blender to make this disgusting yet tasty drink. We were both worried this was going to taste horrible, but I was reminded, yet again, that green drinks are full of surprises. Hats off to the small little apples that rocked this drink. Those guys must have been choked full of flavor.

In dinner news, I have a new obsession. Not really new, since everytime I'm in Oz I fall in love with it.

My crush of the month (maybe year) is pumpkin. The batch I made the other night was the best ever.

This dinner included black beans, mushrooms, and peppers over brown rice with 1/4 of a large avocado for a flavor punch (I used a bit with each bite), and a side of earth-shattering roasted pumpkin. It's been extremely cheap over here lately--80 cents a kilo--so I've been a happy camper. However, I still can't afford bananas. They're still above 10 dollars a kilo. So, so sad. Oatmeal cannot be enjoyed without a banana.

Off to veg & blog-read & wait for the sun to appear,


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