Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prahran Market

This week involved several unsuccessful attempts and one successful attempt to visit the Prahran Market.

The sign clearly states it's not opened on Monday or Wednesday, and I can verify that it is indeed correct. Thankfully the third time was a charm and I spent the morning at the market.

I bought organic spinach, organic grapes and a fancy fizzy drink.

Obviously, I had to swing by Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes (aka vegan cupcakes). Mini cupcakes are far superior to regular sized cupcakes, if only because of the frosting to cake ratio.

I opted for the hazel chocolate chip, which had a surprising (and nice) cinnamon flavour.

I was even sweet enough to get one for the Aussie.

Lunch included a nice appetizer:

A very traditional guacamole but with gluten-free seed based crackers - Mary's Gone Crackers.

If you're looking for a tasty and healthy cracker then these are a must have. Perfect dippage vehicle, in my humble opinion.

The Workout

I did a 5k walk. I also got the green light from the doctor, so next week should be filled with bodypump!

Off to scrub pots (ugh),



  1. Vegan cupcakes?? How awesome! They sure look awfully tasty, too! :)