Thursday, January 7, 2010

Artistic City

With the frigid cold of Chicago days I feel like a frozen popsicle venturing outside, but for yummy vegan food I put on my coat and freeze :) Chicago is such a lovely city; it feels very artistic with sculptures hiding around every corner and buildings breaking out of the traditional square mold.

And of course I have to share my yum-e food adventures from the Great Taste Cafe . . .

an amazing green smoothie with an apple cider base (I never thought to use apple cider, but I definitely will now)

the pizza special for the day, which was good but not amazing

and these scrumptious treats from Karyn's Cooked

a cup of tomato basil soup and side of cornbread for ONLY THREE DOLLARS!

a blueberry smoothie with home-made soy milk...WOW, WOW, WOW

a huge portion of flautas

a sweetass portion of german choc cake


I hope everyone is staying warm! I'll be flying back to VA tomorrow if the snow doesn't say no **fingers crossed**

Till Then,


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