Monday, January 4, 2010

Dessert in the Raw

I'm leaving for the airport, but wanted to share some inspiration. Incorporating more raw foods into the diet doesn't mean you have to scarf down on salads all the time (though they are wonderful). Raw desserts are some of my favorite kinds :) I love raw brownies made with dates and recently I made my first raw cheesecake. The Aussie was leery of the cashew tasting like cheese, but blend those suckers up with a bit of lemon and you have some darn tasty not-cheese cheese! I just googled raw cheesecake to find a recipe, so gather up some nuts and get going. We used a pecan crust and added blackberry topping. Yum-e!

Hope your first Monday of 2010 is fabulous! Mine will be spent in a courthouse :(

Till the next time I have internet,


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