Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vegan Junk

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Mine is going far too fast, especially with school inching closer. Vegan diets are definitely better than the traditional SAD (Standard American Diet), but even Vegans can be unhealthy (highlighted by my pictures below)

choc chip cookies with coconut milk (the flour and sugar kill the health here); i inhaled these last night for dessert . . .

sweet potato fries and cheese sauce (the sweet potato is better than its counterpart, the white potato and the nutritional yeast in the sauce is good, but there's also more of the evil white flour); these were part of a my feast lunch which included a vegan chicken salad sandwich . . .

If I'm not careful I find myself eating much too much crappy vegan food and not enough hardcore veggie and fruit meals. The Aussie and I did a bit of shopping today so we can make soup and a curry. I feel so happy when I check out and all I have are yummy veggies and fruit. Health is accomplished one day at a time, and everyday you have to decide to feed your body with proper fuel. I know I need to focus more on the healthy eating, and stop making excuses.

So lets put down our cookies and pick up our green smoothies :)

Till Tomorrow,


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