Saturday, January 23, 2010

What to Drink Now

Continuing the beverage theme from last post, I wanted to remind everyone that when you give up an unhealthy drink it's important to replace it with a new, healthy, fun option. If you're used to downing the soda then days on end of plain water drinking may seem hard to swallow (pun intended . . . hehe). The easiest replacement is simply squeezing lemon into your ice-cold water. Kimberly from talks of the importance of making sure to get liver cleaning lemons into your diet. I drink lemon water every day. But sometimes you need something aside from H2O. One of my all-time favorite drinks is the natural and delicious water from a coconut. They sell cartons of coconut water at lots of grocery stores, but the best is cracking your own coconut (or, in my case, watching and directing the cracking of the coconut). I've been obsessed with coconuts since I found out coconut water has been used as plasma replacements in war situations. The water inside the coconut is just rain water that has been filtered through the skin of the coconut into the hollow part of the coconut over several months. For more information see:

Another drink that has all the bloggers talking is a fermented tea called Kombucha. You can make your own Kombucha if you get a mother culture (again look to Kimberly's blog if you want to see her feeding her Kombucha culture). I just started drinking Kombucha, and I was a bit freaked out about seeing gray, slug-like matter in my drink (it's the culture), but I got over the gross factor pretty quickly. Synergy has great flavors.

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