Sunday, January 3, 2010

Never a Fan of Sunday

It's noon on my end; I slept in today. I had 10 glorious hours of much needed sleep. Now I'm listening to the washing machine (I don't understand how we haven't invented quiet washers) and slurping on an intensive smoothie made with kale (instead of my traditional spinach smoothie). Sundays for me always meant work or school was right around the corner, and since I started law school I have hated them even more because it meant my Aussie would be leaving soon :( But now I realize that I should at least try to enjoy the day, so Monday doesn't get to steal it away. I'm going to fill today with errands (because I have to), movie watching, and book reading. I read a blog, Kristens Raw, that talked about writing your goals for the new year on a posterboard, so I may even get out my markers and do just that. As I said last time, remember you can change anytime!

I spent part of my Nevada trip in Las Vegas dress shopping with my best friend and eating at Go Raw. I was lucky enough to find a dress I adored for a price my dad could afford; thank you David's Bridal :) I can't share a picture of it, because the Aussie is sneaky and may run across this blog, but I wanted to share the raw feast my bestie and I had....

a hardcore green juice with too much celery, but I drank it like a champ

the bestie had the fakeloaf

I had the salmon cake and both came with avocado fries (yum!) and a salad (eh)

a meal is not complete without a cracked coconut...I loooooove them!

On our adventure we also came across this adorable sign in Wholefoods..

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday; don't let Monday steal it away! I'm heading to Chicago for a work trip, but hopefully the hotel has free internet so I can update.

Till Tomorrow (hopefully),


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