Monday, January 25, 2010

Inspired by CCK

I'm new to the blog world, but have fallen in love with several blogs. One blog I find to have adorable recipes is Choc Covered Katie. She's doing a fabulous give-away . . . the treasured Vitamix, so check her blog out at

My beat-up blender sounds like an 80 year old grandpop coughing in the morning every time I make a green smoothie, so I'm crossing my fingers that luck will be on my side for the giveaway.

Katie's recipes include lots of quick and easy snacks, like fudge babies. I decided to try her spin on a 5yr old favorite, that I probably haven't had since I was 5! It's peanut butter and banana with any fun toppings you can think of served hammock style. The Aussie absolutely loved creating there, and I believe a lot more hammocks are in his future.

This morning at the crack of dawn, literally (4:30am), I made him an open faced banana hammock with fresh grapefruit juice.

Remember eating can be fun AND healthy!

Off to read for class,



  1. Oh I love it! The open-faced photo is so pretty!!
    Seven entries for ya!!

  2. Yippy my first comment :) Thanks Katie for being so inspiring!