Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week Eats

This week the amazing Aussie prepared our meals. He spent several hours on Sunday by the oven. The best creation, in my opinion, was the Vegan Risotto. He had made this years ago for me in a non-vegan form and I was not a fan (of course I choked it down b/c we had only been dating for a few months), but this time it was perfect!

He got the recipe from:
but added about 6 cups stock instead of 4, because the risotto wasn't cooked yet. He added mushrooms, which I think are a must, and asparagus. This was even better leftover, and will certainly be made again.

He also made a baked ziti with cashew cheese from Veganomican. He replaced the pumpkin it called for with mashed sweet potato. Next time we'll triple the sweet potato, but it was still pretty yummy this time.

Doing a massive cooking spree one day a week is a great way to ensure you have healthy, easy meals for the rest of the week. So pull out those cookbooks and google those recipes! And remember focus on the recipes you've never tried, because you don't know you love it till you try it :)


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