Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thinking about the color of your plate

I was thinking today about how much time we spend thinking about food--what to eat for breakfast, what to buy at the store, where to go out for that special meal, and so on. But how often do we look down at the plate? How many times do we inhale our meals while engulfed in a show, on the internet, etc? My eating style is absolutely horrible, and I was reminded how horrible during lunch today. I went to California Tortilla for a burrito bowl and came home to watch some internet tv (I've been living sans cable since Sept). Half way through the meal I realized I wasn't even looking at the food, I was literally just shoveling it in. In general I have a tendency to eat fast, but when I eat alone this takes on another level. My lack of looking at my food made me think about how little time is spent looking at the colors (or lack thereof) on your plate. If you're eating healthy it is very clear by the bright colors on your plate--the yellow of the mango, the green of the spinach, the lovely red of the chard veins, etc. Color is really an easy way to check your health, but make sure you don't count color in the fake-foods (ie the cheetos, ice cream, cookies).

Tomorrow I'm going to try to have some amazingly colorful meals, and I hope you do the same! Tonight I'm enjoying a delish dark green smoothie (baby romaine, spinach, mango, pineapple, apple cider, chia, and hemp powder)

Till Tomorrow,


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