Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have been thinking about my one hundredth post for some time now, and decided to share some of my favorite things, including my go-to potluck recipe. I'd love to hear about some of your favorites!

Fiction--The Smoke Jumper (Nicholas Evans)
Nonfiction--The China Study (T. Colin Campbell, PhD)
Cookbook--Veganomicon (Moskowitz & Romero)

Most Informative Blog
Kimberly Snyder (www.kimberlysnyder.net)

Best Egg Replacer

Chia Seeds & Water (I guess on the amount, but I googled it for all you craving exact amounts (I'm talking mostly to the very "precise" recipe follower in my house **cough, AUSSIE, cough**)--3 tablespoons of H2O/1 teaspoon chia for each "egg")

Must-See Movie
The General's Daughter

Best Fake Chicken Nugget
Gardein (I'll be posting about the new ones I recently tried soon, Chiptotle Lime)

Hottest Car
Audi R8

Wait a minute, how did a car get on this list? Oh yeah, the Aussie wanted to "add" something to the best list. You will never again see a car model mentioned on this blog ;)

Best DC hiking trail
Billy Goat Trail Section C

Must-Make Dessert
Irish Potatoes

This recipe is probably not an original (although a quick google search gave similar recipes but none matched), but it is a recipe I got from my mother and one that I have used to woo people at potlucks for years.

8 ounces of cream cheese (I use the toffuti cream cheese)
12 ounces of sweetened coconut
1 pound of powdered sugar
cinnamon & white granulated sugar for coating

You have to get your hands dirty--mix the cream cheese, coconut, and powdered sugar until it is a well combined. Feel free to use less sugar if you don't want them as sweet (I usually taste test multiple times to determine sweetness desired). Take a spoonful and roll it into a ball shape. Roll the ball into the mixture of cinnamon and sugar (you can make the mixture with more cinnamon for a more brown/potato appearance, if you like cinnamon a lot). Repeat until all "dough" is used. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Off to be productive (which hopefully includes a bit of facetime at the gym),


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