Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Adventures

This weekend was filled with dancing, Lebanese, wild horses, fights with campfire wood (the wood won), and a sunrise on the beach. In other words, it was glorious (speaking of glorious--some people are not fans of its overuse, I most certainly support its overuse, although I don't know why I love it so much).

Groupon--which is an awesome site with great coupons--had a cheap coupon for dancing a few weeks ago, so we snagged it up! We figured two dance lessons won't hurt, considering we have to do our "First Dance" in a few weeks (ahhh!). I didn't bring out the camera, because I didn't want to seem like a nut, but we did learn the steps for the social Foxtrot, along with swirls and an entrance. Now all we have to do is practice, practice, practice (especially me in my high heels)

Lebanese and the Aussie aren't best friends, in fact they barely know each other, so I got them to sit down together on Friday :)

Tabbouli and I are tight, really tight :) I also love hummus.

On Saturday we headed off to Assatague State Park to see wild horses. They heard we were eager to see them so they sent someone to great us ;)

After seeing the horses it was time for us (okay, okay the Aussie) to set-up camp.

The wind attacked us!

The Aussie tried to create a great fire . . .

But in the end, it was a dud. The wood wouldn't catch on fire :(

The morning sunrise made up for the lackluster fire . . .

It was a great weekend :)

Off to watch Sister Wives (don't judge me . . . hehe),


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