Monday, October 11, 2010

20 Hours in the Car

The Aussie & I spent (roughly) 20 hours in the car this weekend driving to and from Boston for our friends wedding. Usually the Aussie does the driving, but this time I took over for a good portion of it.

This is what happens when the Aussie has control of the camera . . .

On the way to Boston we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall type of place that had Caribbean vegan food. Obviously, we didn't just stumble across this little gem ;) I make a point of searching for vegan places when I roadtrip. Shandal's Vegetarian restaurant in Bridgeport, CT is all vegan and has 15 different dishes to choose from. You can pick 4 choices for 6 dollars or 6 choices for 8 dollars. They only take cash, and we only had enough cash for the 4 choices, but it was more than enough food.

My platter . . .

the Aussie's . . .

I think it's safe to say that I liked my choices . . .

While in Boston we went to the Otherside Cafe for brunch. The tofu scramble was really, REALLY flavorless but the vegan sausage was darn tasty!

I didn't really snap a lot of pictures at the wedding, but it was beautiful!

After a busy weekend I didn't feel like a fancy (ie time intensive) lunch, so I made mac & cheese from the box. This was by Amy's (love them!) and it was wheat pasta and fake cheese. The Aussie inhaled his portion, so I think he enjoyed it.

I also made an easy butternut squash soup (really easy because I bought the squash already cubed). I roasted the squash at 420 until soft, then combined the squash, 3 cups veggie broth, and 1/4 cup of coconut milk into a sauce pan over medium heat. I blended it all together with a handheld blender and heated it up.

During the car trip the Aussie and I started a list of to-dos before the Australia trip at the beginning of November and boy was that sucker loooooooong, so I'm off to tackle some of them :(


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