Friday, October 1, 2010

Date Night

Tonight I spent the evening with the handsome Aussie in Annapolis. A co-worker told him of an awesome Thai restaurant in the area, and since we love Thai we HAD to go. Lemongrass definitely lived up to the hype, though the wait for the table was long and the service very slow.

After we put our names on the list, the girl suggested that we go across the street for a drink while we waited. We don't drink very often and when we do we don't drink very much, but we decided to head over to the Latin Quarter for a drink.

Corona is definitely my go-to beer, especially with the lime in it. That counts as a serving of fruit, right?

I decided to capture our "wild" night on the town with a lovely picture . . .

Sadly, often my picture taking adventures end with the Aussie's head chopped off. Poor guy.

Fiiiiiiiiiinally we received the much anticipated call that our table was ready. It seems as though many Thia restaurants have intimate seating, and this one was no different. By intimate I mean you're almost on top of the couple seated beside you. I felt rude listening to them talk about Australian lingo (funnily enough, they didn't seem to realize there was a live Australian right next to them. Perhaps they don't eavesdrop as aggressively as I do. Haha).

The wait, the seating, the service was not a problem when we tasted the food!
We always have to order the spring rolls, because the Aussie has a slight obsession with them . . .

Our mains . . .

It was a great date night filled with tons of food and wonderful conversation :)

In other news, I went shoe shopping for the perfect wedding shoes, and I found two that I fell in love with. Both are from Macy's but neither were in my size, so now I'm going to have to hunt down my size and figure out which one I love more

Off to catch some zzzs,


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