Thursday, October 21, 2010

Climbing up Walls

Prior to law school I spent most nights at the climbing gym. From the moment I put on a harness I was ADDICTED. I took training classes--I learned how to set-up top ropes outdoors. I joined a climbing club. I was in love. But atlas, law school pushed climbing onto the back burner :( I was hoping to get back into it when I moved to Annapolis, but the closest gym is almost an hour away. When the Aussie said he had a dentist appointment near our old climbing gym I jumped at the chance to climb.

We did 5 routes and our hands are on fire!!! It was so much fun though. I will definitely be getting back to climbing full-time when we get to Australia.

What goes with climbing? Pizza, of course. We passed by ZPizza, which we loved in Williamsburg but it isn't near us now. We shared a Berkeley vegan.

At least lunch was a bit healthier ;)

Kale chips with hemp seeds & nutritional yeast . . .

Sugar snap peas, orange pepper, pinto beans with a sunshine burger mixed in and 2 "nuggets" . . .

Off to catch some zzzs,


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