Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shopping Success

I have been hunting, literally hunting, for the perfect wedding shoes. I've gone to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Macy's, JC Penny, Bakers, Target, and probably a few others. I found ones that could have been *the one* but they didn't fit. Today my best friend suggested DSW. Genius idea!

I walked into shoe heaven, but the first stop was the purse section. I fell in love right away . . .

The picture makes it look bigger than it is; it's an adorable *tiny* purse to fill up with all my essentials for the big day--mostly lip gloss :)

I saw these shoes and just *knew* they were the ones, but I was cautious and checked out every other shoe too. In the end none compared to these . . .

I'm so relieved to have my shoes. Now I can go for my final dress fitting.

After shopping success, I went to the local vegan place (Everlasting Life) to grab lunch for the Aussie and I.

We shared it all . . .

Not sure what this veg dish was, but it was delish :)

Strawberry & Banana smoothie (made with Simply Orange)

Ok, ok . . . the shopping trip did include some "non-essential" stuff. These were in the clearance rack just begging me to please let me take them to their forever home ;) How could I say no?

These are vegan and gorgeous!

Off to spend my shopping high at the gym,


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