Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some run, I walk

I would love to one day write about a long (over 10 miles) run, but atlas I'm not there yet (not even close). I can, however, walk. And walking is exactly what the Aussie & I did. He didn't know we were shooting for double-digits, but we were. We went to a great paved trail called the Baltimore & Annapolis trail (I believe it's roughly 15 miles in length).

A couple picture before we embark? Of course!

It took us 2:37 to cover the 10 miles (we walked 9 and ran 1). By the end my feet were screaming for mercy. The trail was filled with bikers, runners, and walkers. I love seeing people getting out on a lovely day. When we were about 1.5 miles from the car the skies turned grey and we feared the clouds. The rain gods were in our favor today, and we had a dry walk from beginning to end :)

I really liked the trail; it was wide and flat.

If my bike wasn't a rust-filled, flat tired punk, I might take him for a spin on the trail. But he is, so I won't.

Off to con, err convince, the Aussie to make a pineapple/strawberry smoothie for us,


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