Thursday, October 7, 2010

Expensive Sauce--Worth It?

The other day I was in Fresh Market (I love their dark choc covered almonds . . . yum!), and my eyes caught sight of a 9 dollar jar of spaghetti sauce. NINE DOLLARS! Granted, it was on sale, but it was still 7 dollars. My go-to sauce has been Ragu, probably in part because my mom had me addicted to the "crack" early in life. Seriously, Ragu traditional is the best sauce EVER! It has a *tiny* bit of parmesan cheese as the very last ingredient that I WISH they would omit, but I still buy it. I've tried other Ragus, other sauces and none compare. Ragu is almost always on sale for 2.50 a jar. Whenever I've tried other sauces they have always been under 5 dollars, so how does an expensive (in my opinion) sauce stack up against mine? To solve this puzzle I brought on the Aussie to help in a comparison test. He's picky with sauce, but mostly because he doesn't want bits of onions in his (Ragu traditional isn't chunky).

Here's the competition sauce (he looks scared to me) . . .

He should be ashamed of his price, considering he wasn't even organic!

I decided to go with a basic roasted eggplant and garlic bread recipe.

The sauce up-close . . .

The verdict was actually favorable for Rao. We both enjoyed the sauce--it had good flavor and texture. But it would need to "wow" a bit more to be worth the price. I did like that it was vegan though. To us it proved that price doesn't always make a better product.

We're going to be doing a review of waters next week.

Off to my final dress fitting. Ahh! I'll be back later today with a salad special--it involved red hands.


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