Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Blogger/Reader Meetup

Even though I've been blogging since Dec, I still don't feel like a "blogger" although I do feel a bit closer today. Emily from has recently moved to the area, and organized an awesome get together of bloggers and blogreaders. She chose an excellent location--Sweetgreen. They take the idea of "salad" up a notch. I went crazy with the toppings--seriously I had 8-10 toppings--and it was glorious.

My bowl of nutrition up-close-and-personal . . .

Emily is as sweet in-person as she seems on her blog, and it was great meeting other locals.

Group shot of all the girlies . . .

After the meetup, the Aussie & I headed to checkout more wedding bands, and I'm happy to report we both found the keeper :)

The Aussie went with a unique raw diamond band by Todd Reed.

His band will be thicker though.

We found my ring in Annapolis.

I know I'm wearing it the wrong way, but after you slip your ring on and off and on and off it starts to get harder to take off, so I opted to just put it on top. I also informed the Aussie that I'll need a matching one as a push gift ;) muahahah. But that won't be for a few more years.

No trip to DC is complete without a stop at Sticky Fingers, an all-vegan bakery! We shared a choc chip cookie, coconut cupcake, and a pb fudge cupcake. Can you say sugar coma?

I went to another Macy's to see if they had either shoe in my size, and they didn't :( But we did get a lovely dinner at Panera Bread. I did the you-choose-two with the bean soup & veggie sandwich.

It was definitely an eventful day. Time for me to unwind.

Off to watch some movie the Aussie picked out (redbox rocks!),



  1. Hi! Found my way here from Emily's blog. I'm dying to visit Annapolis, so I'm happy to have found your blog! Your wedding ring is gorgeous and so is your engagement ring. They are perfect together.

  2. Clicked over here from Emily's blog and wanted to say hi. I was at the meet up today too but sadly didn't get a chance to meet you. (I had to scoot out early to help my husband prepare a rabbit for dinner. I didn't eat it so I don't know how I got myself into that!)

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you at another meet up soon.

    Ps. Your rings are gorgeous!!