Monday, October 4, 2010

It's All in the Marketing

I love making my smoothies with orange juice, not too much, but just enough to give it a wonderful taste. In the past I used fresh oranges, and I'll probably go back to them when summer time comes around again but in the meantime pass the OJ. I love getting an unpasteurized orange juice from a local Amish market, but I missed the market this week and had to get some at the grocery store. I usually opt for Simply Orange, but while I was in the juice section Tropicana Trop50 caught my eye. It has 50% less sugar than regular orange juice. I was intrigued, because the OJs I roll with have one ingredient--oranges. How did they take the sugar out of the orange? The first ingredient held the answer--filtered water. Oh, so Tropicana you would like me to pay the same price as Simply Orange for a watered down version? Can't I just buy Simply Orange and add water? Then again, if I did that I would miss out on the purevia (Hi Pepsi!) that you added. What a pity.

I do think that the Tropicana marketing department deserves a round of applause. Most people, so it seems, don't read the ingredients on things they buy so I'm sure the less sugar/calories will be enough for them to put it in the cart.

Cheers Tropicana!

My smoothie may have more sugar than Trop50, but I'm pretty sure mine is much more nutritious than watered-down OJ sweetened with purevia.

Let this be another reminder to READ THE LABELS!

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