Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meeting Halfway

Today I got in the car and drove to meet my best friend, Karen, at a park. We live a few hours away, so we decided it would be fun to meet in the middle. The middle happened to be North East, MD. I had never heard of it, but it turns out it's quite pretty.

We hiked 5 miles, and it was lovely. Until we were attacked by a snake. Okay, perhaps "attacked" is a tad drastic. He, being the snake, didn't really attack so much as stare us down with his beady eyes. Karen *may* have screamed, and I *may* have ran. I'd have to say the snake scared us more than we scared him.

After all that fear, err walking, I was ready for dinner. I needed food in a quick hurry, so the Aussie started the sweet potatoes when I was on the drive back, which made for a tasty, fast meal--sweet potato, black beans, olives, brown rice, quinoa, red peppers & salsa

The olives and red peppers really kicked this up a notch

I love finding new things to add flavor :)

Off to harass the Aussie,


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