Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 - make it the best one yet!

After a long (err all of 2012) absence, I'm back to blogging. I know by February everyone is tired of hearing about "the new year", but I think it's important to realise that your time to make it an incredible year can be in January or June ... heck I think it can even be in December.

2012 was a tough year for me due to time pressures with getting re-qualified to practice while working full-time, health issues, and just general life crappola (trust me it's a word), so I am excited to make 2013 a great year. One month in and I'd say I'm off to a rocky start but I still see this year being amazing. I'm back to begging applying for jobs, as my government contract ended last week. But while I wait for someone to realise how amazing I am I will be filling my time with cleaning, blog reading, sleeping in finding adventures to go on (free or nearly free adventures that is - I am unemployed after all ... haha) and getting some serious use out of my gym membership (the reception chicks are going to be shocked by how often they see my just-rolled-out-of-bed face). Oh, and I suppose I should cook a meal or two for the Aussie to earn my keep.

The best January adventure was definitely our multi-day hike through Wilsons Prom. It was 35ks of bliss, which included 4 secluded and beautiful beaches. The Prom is a great place to hike and explore; we definitely want to get back before summer ends.

 Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Going forward the blog will also be featuring some new mugs - in the form of pugalier puppy cuteness. They "technically" belong to my in-laws but I'm slowly wooing them so that one day I can puppynap them!

 Until tomorrow,


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