Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dessert then Dinner

Last night I thought it would be a good idea to stuff myself with fruit - a salad of watermelon & rock melon along with an orange & pineapple juice.

It was good in theory, but bad in practice. Fruit digests quickly and I think my fruit buffet got stuck behind some sourdough bread (aka lunch) and I was left feeling like "ugh" (no better way to describe it). I have learned my lesson - fruit is breakfast food.

Tonight was date night with the Hubs, who had a training session in the city. I headed into the city around 3:30.

I met him after his course for every kids dream - dessert then dinner.

We started with scones and tea/coffee at Hopetoun Tea House, which was established over 120 years ago.

Then we had dinner at an Italian restaurant called +39. I didn't remember to snap a photo until we had already attacked our meals, so dinner will go unpictured.

I also finally got my watch fitted. The watch was a birthday gift from the Aussie and my birthday was ... uhhh ... 8 months ago. I am a slacker but I plan to make up for lost time by wearing it non-stop.

In the background is the Aussie's recent bday gift - a skim board. He'll be falling using it this weekend (weather permitting).

The Workout

Rest day. I'm hoping to get an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get the green light to exercise. 

Off to veg,



  1. Your evening out with your husband sounds fabulous. Love the watch. It's beautiful :)

    1. Thanks, Jessie :) The hubs scored the watch at a huge discount by buying online, which makes me like it that much more ;)