Sunday, February 10, 2013

Introducing Charlie & Molly

This weekend I had the pleasure of pup sitting for my two favourite pugaliers (okay - in actuality they are the only pugaliers I've ever met, but they're still my favourite).

It didn't hurt that their home is here ...

Charlie is the sweet one who walks through life without a worry.

We swear she's part boxer. Perhaps her mom knew the mailman's dog a bit too well ;)

And this weekend she was cheeky and laid claim to her dad's chair. Apparently she didn't get the memo on who was in charge.

Don't let that innocent adorable face fool you (but don't feel bad if it does, because it works on the Aussie all the time).

Molly is the mischievous one who wins over your heart with her charm.

She's fiercely intelligent and dangerously adorable. She's learned to open screen doors and roll over on her back with this sad look whenever she knows she's been bad so you can't help but give her a tummy rub.

For our "hard" work in the pup sitting department, we were rewarded for a small mountain of organic peaches from my in-laws fruit orchard.

And in between pup responsibilities I "endured" a few hours of floating.

I hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend!

Until tomorrow,


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