Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sand & Sugar Sunshine

Today started out with a jab & cross a la boxing. I actually like that the class starts at 8:10, because it prevents the inevitable sleep in that would otherwise occur (uhh, although I make no comment regarding the regularity of Saturday naps post boxing).

After all our aggression was released, we headed to our local coffee shop for scones and jam. Just like this. Then we spent a bit of time vegging and within a few hours I was going stir crazy. I finally convinced the Hubs that an impromptu trip to the beach was needed.

When he finally agreed (seriously it took a bit of convincing), I packed my beach bag in 1.2 seconds.

And we were off.

I googled different beaches, and found an article on secret beaches around Melbourne. I opted for #15 Edithvale.

The coolest part of the beach was definitely this:

I thought maybe the town organised it for the kiddos, but then we saw a group pull it up the beach and take it to their shed (see above picture of a shed - very Australian thing) and deflate it. I would like to be adopted by those people! I contemplated asking if I could give it a go, because it looked like so much fun (yes, I'm still a 12 year old, possibly even 5 year old, at heart), but couldn't bear to take the chance for fear of rejection (which would obviously be age discrimination).

My day may have also included a bit of sugar sunshine.

Don't judge me. For the record I generously shared with the Aussie and he didn't even have to ask.

There were big plans of the Aussie spending hours in the kitchen making vegetable wellington along with roasted root veggies and homemade mushroom gravy. But he somehow conned me into settling for Thai takeout instead (shame on you, Hubs!). I was weak and caved at the thought of glorious coconut rice.

But I will be getting my vegetable wellington soon!

Off to read,


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